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Mud Ke Na Dekh is a residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Our Center is committed to providing a professional environment where the clients are treated with care and concern. Mud ke na Dekh’s approach aims at addressing the physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery. This is achieved through group and individual counselling, therapy sessions, management of feelings, and yoga sessions.

Learning about various aspects and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse is an important part of recovering from addiction. In substance abuse treatment, the goal of treatment is to return the individual to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and community. While in treatment, recovering persons learn about addiction, recovery and relapse while addressing misguided beliefs about self, others and their environment. Attending a treatment program in an inpatient rehab helps the recovering drug abuser make lifestyle changes, manage feelings, develop coping tools and drug refusal skills. In addition, they learn to identify relapse warning signs and challenge thoughts that may lead to relapse.

The treatment at our center also aims to improve self-esteem and self-worth of the addict and his or her family, heals core traumas, and learn life-skills, gain control over addictive patterns, improve health of the body and learn stress management. Treatment focuses on helping each person to rebalance their lives and gain the skills they need to live a successful, satisfying life, free from substance abuse. Those who attend treatment at a rehab find that they have more skills and confidence in creating the lives they want, complete with good relationships, a satisfying job or career, and enjoyment of day to day life.

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